My Favorite Display

I was looking through my blog and realized that I had never posted on my favorite window display thus far!

This display was up in the spring of 2102 and was a huge hit! So much so that an editor contacted me on Behance and the window is being published in a big fancy book called Window Shopping!
I am very excited to see the book and will let you know when I do!

Anyways, without further delay here is Skeleton in the Closet:


photo (7)2

photo (7)1

What do you think?!


A Midwest Welcome

I’m here!
The process involved:
2- weeks of packing
1- 18 hour car ride
2- white out snow storms along the way
1- stop along the way
1- constantly singing bird
too many- caffeinated drinks
1 very exhausted person in Minneapolis.

But I made it and so far it has been well worth the drive.
Interviews are happening and contacts and friends are being formed.
I have been constantly yelling at my GPS in my effort to learn my way around city and find my way back to my hotel room.

Romeo helping me pack/picking fights with t-shirts

Romeo helping me pack/picking fights with t-shirts

So far I have two favorite things (neither of which will surprise you).

Rock Climbing!
I have been to every gym/climbing facility I can find here (which totals 4) and I love them all! It is nice to climb in places that are heated… sorry Red Barn! People have been so nice at all of them and more than willing to give me advice or help in adjusting to the city. I have never been happier to be a climber and while the climbing itself is awesome, it has a lot more to do with the comfort of being and doing somewhere familiar with friendly people even halfway across the country.
Heres a link:

Retail Design.
Well… one in particular so far. Martinpatrick3 in the North Loop of Minneapolis is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL store I have ever been to. The merchandising goes well beyond displaying the merchandise well but there is an entire mood in each new section of the store. To make it even more amazing, there are a lot of vintage or repurposed items used so elegantly its mesmerizing. They do not even sell merchandise for women but I could have stayed in there all day staring at things and letting my creativity get started.
Here is a photo of my favorite part of the store:

The Beautiful Book Spine Wall at Martinpatrick3

The Beautiful Book Spine Wall at Martinpatrick3

More to come soon as always!

Holiday Windows

A quick post on my holiday window displays!

I was able to do three holiday windows this year and for those of you who are not familiar with the industry of window dressing (I don’t know why you would be), holiday displays are THE displays to be hired for. Department stores plan all year for the displays and notoriously they have the highest budget in hopes to have the highest “wow factor”. The first window for Peppermint was the most involved and I was aware of that going in. The second window for Amanda, being on the 2nd story, had to be impactful and yet simple and the third window at Simply Crepes was to be elegant and festive while not taking up space near the window needed for customers.

It was a crazy week. Here are the results!

Holidays at Peppermint!

Holidays at Peppermint!




2nd story window that glows at night at Amanda Padgham Photography

photo 4

Simply Crepes Simple but elegant display

photo 3

Look closer at the chandelier…yes its a working chandelier I made out of forks!

What do you think?


So as I get used to my new “young professional” tag and happily leave being my “student” label, I am making some big choices.

First things first, I am moving!

With my dreams to be a display and event designer it would seen like an obvious choice to move to NYC or LA but honestly I don’t think even my passions could keep me sane in those crazy cities. I am very excited to say I am moving to Minneapolis, MN in just a few weeks! Artsy, small and full of ad and retail agencies! So I now find myself in the middle of applying to jobs.

I have torn my hamstring climbing so that part of my life unfortunately has to take a back seat but I will make sure to immediately find every climbing gym in Minneapolis. I love always being able to count on climbers to be welcoming and excited you’re there.

Happy new year everyone!

A photoshoot with all of my Greentopia Dresses

A photoshoot with all of my Greentopia Dresses


The Big Reveal (Rope Craft)

Here is the final product of the rope craft i was working on here



The couch took hours and hours of work and was definitely a learning process but it now sits at RIT’s Red Barn after its donation in May!

The couch is made of about 800 yards of rope and reclaimed wood (oak mainly). All of the rope was donated by Sterling Rope and famous rock climbers like Lynn Hill, David Graham and Kate Rutherford! I cannot thank them enough and they were all really excited about the project.

On top of all that excitement the couch and a general tutorial was featured in Urban Climber Magazine this June!


I am more than grateful to the Red Barn for everything they have done for me and as I get ready to graduate, I am glad I was able to leave them a thank you!


Greentopia Madness

As I mentioned before I was in a runway show a few weeks ago.

Well the story extends a bit beyond that. My friend Athi who was helping run the Greentopia Festival in Rochester contacted me asking me about my magazine dress. She mentioned that there were sponsors for the fashion show in the festival and that they needed someone to make garments out of the sponsors materials whether it be paper, burlap, tile etc…

A few days later I find myself hired to make an entire line of recycled material garments to walk in this fashion show! It is a bit out of my area of expertise since I am not a fashion designer but I was very very excited to do it. Below are the dresses that I made, There were 4 in all!

You all know this dress! Here is the original magazine dress that started it all!

This outfit was made from Rochester Magazine. I had never made a hat before but I am so glad I did!

This coat I made and modeled for Joe Bean Coffee. It is made out of coffee bean bag burlap and lined with thrift store flannel.

This gown is made from Rochester Women’s Magazine! It received a lot of press attention which was so much fun!

It was a very stressful event especially since I was modeling other garments as well. However I am very glad I got to be a part of it and each sponsor was very happy with their dress! I wish I could have kept the Joe Bean coat, it was so wearable and comfortable!

Special thanks to Athi, Shawn Dunwoody, all my models and each sponsor!

Its been awhile!

So sorry its been so long since I posted! Life has gone is 1000 different directions!

Heres the scoop:

-I am in my last two weeks of school at RIT! I will finally be graduating!

– I have still be climbing and have also started running (which I never thought I could do)

– Modeling has not been a top priority lately but I was in a runway show! -Post to come

-Window displays & event design have become my passion and my career so I will be sharing much more about those!